Sunday, March 05, 2006


I know, it is silly but I couldn't resist the primroses at Whole Foods market. I bought an assortment of three and tucked them in with some whispers of encouragement. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, perfect to bed them in, then rise into the 70s by next weekend, so I hope they'll give us a little early cheer before they go toes up.

Speaking of gambles, I was in Garden District today and pulled a handful of mystery bulbs that were lying around without ID. I couldn't recognize them, nor could the owner, so he told me to take what I wanted for a quarter per. I think maybe the enormous yellow ones are some kind of fritillary, while the ones with roots might be eremurus (I'm hoping--it's my husband's favorite.). Any one have any ideas? I figure I'll put them in and see what happens--if nothing, I'm out less than the price of a latte.
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